The Sussex Euro Compliance Group
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A recent equipment upgrade increased our EMC Immunity capabilities. New amplifiers and associated equipment allow us to test up to frequencies of 3GHz, with fields strengths of over 30V/m.

Our EMC immunity capabilities cover the requirements of Residential, Commercial, Light-Industrial and Industrial standards. We are also able to cover most of the requirements for Railway Applications BS EN 50121-4, together with the London Underground manual of good practice M1027.

We are presently able to offer the following EMC immunity tests:-

Electrostatic Discharge EN61000-4-2 up to 16.5 kV (air discharge) and 9.0 kV (contact discharge).

Radiated RF Fields EN61000-4-3 in the frequency range 25 MHz - 3GHz (CW, AM and PM).

Electrical Fast Transient/Burst EN61000-4-4 up to 4.4 kV

Surge Immunity EN61000-4-5 up to 4.1 kV

Common Mode RF (conducted) EN61000-4-6 (CW, AM and PM) up to 50 Vrms in the range:-
150 kHz - 230 MHz (CDN coupled).
9 kHz - 400 MHz (injection coil coupled).

Power frequency Magnetic Field EN61000-4-8, at the following fields and frequencies:-
Up to 100A/m in the range 0Hz (dc) to 20 kHz.
Up to 300A/m at 50Hz

Voltage Dips, Short Interruptions and Voltage Variations EN61000-4-11