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Our facility operates a measuring receiver and spectrum analyser for measuring EMC emissions. Depending on the nature of the EMC test we would either use a measuring receiver, spectrum analyser or combination of the both.

Spectrum analysers are ideal for a quick EMC emission snap-shots, when undertaking development or diagnostic work. They can usually identify offending emission peaks, allowing for corrective action and a prompt re-scan. For example, adding or removing ferrites cores from signal cables between scans.

Our model of measuring receiver is CISPR 16-1 compliant and designed to measure to the CISPR standards. Measuring receivers are far more accurate than spectrum analysers, but take longer to carry out a comparative sweep. If you need results to use as evidence of compliance for self certification purposes, you should use a measuring receiver.

Our emissions test capability covers the frequency range 9 kHz to 18 GHz.

All tests are carried out at our 6.25 x 3.1 x 2.5 metre partially lined Semi-Anechoic Chamber. This allows for Residential, Commercial, Light-Industrial, Industrial and Railway Applications standards testing.

We are presently able to offer the following EMC immunity tests:-

Conducted Emissions 9 kHz - 1000 MHz

Radiated Electric Field Emissions 30MHz - 18 GHz

Harmonics Emissions to EN61000-3-2 requirements

Flicker to EN61000-3-3 requirements